Feb 03 2013

Warm Bodies (2013)

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i don’t know what exactly convinced me to watch Warm Bodies, but i’m glad i did. for one thing, i’m not a big fan of zombie movies (i basically run away from them). about the only zombie film i could watch calmly was Shaun of the Dead, which — despite its share of scary moments — is known more for its comedic flair and wacky premise.

warm bodies 2013

i got curious about Warm Bodies (Lionsgate Films) after reading several reviews, which were largely positive. frankly, the prospect of watching a love story between a human and a zombie didn’t sound all that promising, but after latching on to such descriptive phrases as “zom-rom-com” and zombified Romeo & Juliet, and an amusing notion that Warm Bodies is zombiedom’s answer to Twilight (for vampires), my antenna felt a spark of life.

okay, pairing a human (Julie, played by Teresa Palmer) with a slacker zombie, “R” (which is all he can apparently remember [Nicholas Hoult] about his name) is a tough sell, but after watching all they have go through (zombies, boneys, Julie’s father, communication problems, etc.), it becomes easy to convince yourself that they do belong together, never mind that “he” is a corpse and “she” is a potential meal.

Warm Bodies - JUliethe thing that works well in R’s favor is that, despite all that has happened, he has retained a vague sort of identity, a sense of “self” that you don’t normally see in other zombie films. he collects things and stash them in his quarters — a huge plane parked in an airport tarmac. his wry internal commentaries (since zombies basically vocalize in grunts and groans) are a large part of his charms, and it helps that he’s basically a good-looking, well-preserved specimen — for a zombie, that is.

Jonathan Levine (director) has done a good job of mashing two genres and coming up with a fairly good film that the viewers can enjoy, particularly young adults. Warm Bodies is hardly award-winning material, but it’s definitely a good way to pass 97 minutes of your spare time.

Warm Bodies, based on a novel with the same title by Isaac Marion, also stars John Malkovich as Julie’s father, Gen. Grigio, Analeigh Tipton (Nora) and Rob Corddry (“M”).

in case you’re wondering why Teresa Palmer looks familiar — well, you’re not wrong. she also played Six in I Am No. 4 (2012).

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